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Inspired structures clad in granite, limestone and sandstone. Timeless memorials in bronze. Elegant marble interiors. Much  more. Whether your idea is steeped in tradition or pushing the edge of innovation, Coldspring brings it to life with an extensive palette of world-class natural materials. 

Our turnkey solutions, unmatched expertise and end-to-end  services reflect more than a century of experience. In that time,  we have not only mastered our craft for a diversity of applications. We have learned how to deliver extraordinary experiences. That  is why our customer relationships — much like the products we  offer — are built to last.

Recent News

5.27.16 Living Building Challenge 3.1 includes ANSI/NSC 373

Explore the latest version of the world's most rigorous performance standard, LBC 3.1. This new r...

5.17.16 Chronicles in Stone: Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, LA

Granite is the building material of choice for mausoleums and crypts at Metairie Cemetery, in New...

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